Sunday, January 06, 2013

Charlie Tian

Did you know that the founder of gurufocus does not have a degree in finance?

"As the founder of, many people naturally assume that I have a degree in finance, or some other closely related field. However, I actually possess a Ph.D. in physics.

I worked as a research scientist at a giant telecommunications company, publishing many scientific papers and hold 35 U.S. and international patents.

But I Had One Problem: I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever when it came to investing. At the peak of the internet bubble, I was buying shares in fiber optic companies which I thought had the brightest future. My fiber optics stocks quickly doubled or tripled. Making money with stocks was easy, I thought. Then the bubble burst...

It was then that I learned about Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, and Peter Lynch."


I wonder how successful Charlie is as an investor now?  However I assume that gurufocus has turned into a successful business.  [Hopefully for him, enough of these $249 memberships will add up.  A bargain, still the same price since 2007.] So I suppose one must assume he's now a successful businessman.

He invests his own money in the Buffett-Munger model portfolio (don't know what percentage though) which apparently has been successful.

Don't notice many stocks that Buffett actually owns though.  The only one of note is WMT.  I also note that they have a 50% turnover rate, again quite un-Buffett-like.

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