Monday, March 21, 2011

The Charlie Sheen Stock Index

Unless you never watch TV, never listen to the news on the radio, and never look at magazine covers, you know who Charlie Sheen is. Star of the extremely popular TV show Two and a Half Men, earning around 1.8 million dollars an episode, he has been in the news daily during the last couple weeks due to the disagreement between him and the show’s producers regarding the cancellation of the show. Sheen’s outspoken comments have made headlines, and he has been the guest on several talk shows. So it is only fitting that we look at the companies that have a connection to Charlie Sheen to see how their stocks have performed. was the original developer and creator of numerous celebrity stock indexes, including the Paris Hilton Stock Index, the Gisele Bunchen Stock Index, the Heidi Klum Stock Index, and the Angelina Jolie Stock Index. Now it is time for the Charlie Sheen Stock Index, details of which can be found at Based on the companies that have some connection to Sheen, the Sheen Index has outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, since the beginning of this year, the beginning of last year, the beginning of 2009, and the beginning of 2008. As a matter of fact, since the February 24 radio broadcast of the Charlie Sheen interview hosted by Alex Jones, the Charlie Sheen Stock Index rose 2.0% versus only 0.8% for the Dow.

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