Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Who Will Be Missed

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for those who gave their lives in the name of their country—often on battlefields thousands of miles away from the towns they called home. These observances can be traced back over 140 years to the Civil War. Over time, however, the holiday has evolved for many Americans into a chance not only to honor fallen heroes, but also to pay respect more broadly to family members, friends and colleagues who have passed away.

In that spirit, SmartMoney presents this look at some prominent figures in the financial world who died over the past year.

Sir John Templeton / Investor, Philanthropist

Betty James / President, James Industries

Bill Seidman / Former chairman, FDIC; Television commentator

Jack Nash / President, Oppenheimer & Co.; Founder, Odyssey Partners

Rocky Aoki / Founder, Benihana

Irvine Robbins / Co-Founder, Baskin-Robbins

Kenneth Macke / Former chairman, Dayton Hudson (forerunner of Target)

George Keller / Former CEO, Chevron

Helen Galland / Former president, Bonwit Teller

Jack Dreyfus / Founder, Dreyfus Fund

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