Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Penny Hoarder

Somehow I have started seeing these Penny Hoarder stories on facebook.  Maybe they're paying to be seen.  Or maybe some of my friends like them.  Anyway, they have some handy stories which appeal to penny-pinchers (like me).

So I created this post to list some of their articles.

[7/2/15] 10 Ways You Waste Money

9. Paying for Extended Warranties
Almost a third of consumers buy extended warranties each year, according to a study reported on These policies provide manufacturers with 50 to 60% profit margins, because appliances and electronics just don’t break down that often.

In other words, don’t buy this expensive insurance. Yes, your printer could break just after the regular warranty expires, and you’ll have to pay cash to replace it. If this happens, just remember all the money you saved by not buying extended warranties on the other items — the ones that didn’t break down.

[This one I noticed on 5/6/15] 32 Ways to Make Money at Home

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