Tuesday, November 25, 2014

stocks to hold for the next 10 years

Finding the best stocks to buy for the next 10 years probably isn’t on most folks’ radar these days. After all, the market is making new all-time highs seemingly every other day and is poised to deliver more-than-solid returns in 2014.

However, long-term investors know that the key to successful investing is to ignore day-to-day and year-to-year market moves and focus on longer periods when hunting down the best stocks to buy.

After all, stocks get bounced around by all sorts of issues outside a company’s control, from geopolitical crises to recession overseas. What really separates good investments from the bad and the ugly is how a stock performs over a decade or more. A well-managed company in the right industry will prove itself over time. Just ask Warren Buffett, whose preferred holding period is “forever.”

As we head into the end of 2014, it’s a perfect time to look at the best stocks to buy for the long haul. These are names that will benefit from powerful secular trends, as well as their own strengths within their respective industries. Hey, buy-and-hold can indeed work if you’re patient. Look at a long-term chart of the stock market and you’ll see that despite some painful crashes, the line always moves up as it moves to the right.

If you can remain patient for a decade or more, look to this list of the 10 best stocks to buy for the next 10 years (and beyond):

[I agree with the premise, but I don't necessarily agree with the stocks.  It is interesting to note that the author owns none of the stocks he mentioned.]

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