Friday, June 27, 2014

Buffett's biggest secret: cash

Warren Buffett has gone into every economic recession with an excess of cash on the balance sheet. In these recessionary periods, the average company is trying to shore up assets and deleverage. That's when Buffett swoops in and buys companies for pennies on the dollar. Plus, because Berkshire Hathaway has excess cash and no debt, he doesn't have to deleverage. He can use ongoing operating profit from his business to buy other businesses, rather than use retained cash to increase the size of his cash pile.

Financial advisers will often tell clients to dollar-cost average even through a financial panic. However, most investors won't follow that advice. Because they don't want to buy low, they consistently lose money to people like Warren Buffett, who consistently buys low and sells high.

When investors buy Berkshire Hathaway stock, they buy into a CEO who has the right temperament for managing money.

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