Thursday, March 07, 2013

the next Berkshire Hathaway

I'm looking at this blurb (via junk mail) touting the next Berkshire Hathaway.  [It's trying to push a subscription to Charles Mizrahi's Inevitable Weath Portolio.]

I'm not about to send for the free report, but I'm sort of curious who it might be.

Googling the next Berkshire Hathaway reveals some candidates:

Loews, Leucadia National, PICO Holdings, Biglari Holdings

Ah, here's the answer.  It's Leucadia.

I remember I bought OTTR because there was an article comparing it to Berkshire Hathaway.  Let me see if I can dig it up.

It was a 2008 CNBC video interviewing James Altucher.  He mentions OTTR, MKL, and LUK.

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