Monday, February 06, 2012

Facebook by the numbers

Unless you spent the better part of the week under a rock, you probably heard that Facebook, the game-changing social media giant, officially filed its paperwork to go public this week. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, the company proceeded to ignite a social phenomenon that drastically altered the way that people interact and connect.

And while its social implications are already well documented, its clout as a business and investment have largely gone unknown to the general public (although some very wealthy investors have gotten their hands on shares in the meantime). The filing gave most observers their first real peek into the real business that is Facebook, revealing some interesting figures at the same time, which we break down here in our most recent infographic -- Facebook's Amazing IPO By The Numbers.

Here are some highlights:

Valuation has gone from 0 in 2004 to $100 billion.
The second most visited site on the internet, next to Google. 6.2 billion to 4.8 billion monthly visitors.
24% owned by Mark Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg figures to make $24 billion in the IPO.

P/E ratio of 100 (compared to 13 for Apple) [or maybe 150?]

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