Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ben Graham's selections today

There are 10 criteria in total.

The first 5 criteria measure ‘reward’ and is sensitive to price and earnings changes. The focus in this group of five criteria is on stock price, earnings and dividends.

The second group of 5 offers a measure of ‘risk’ and does not change rapidly with changes in price and earnings. Criteria number 6,7 and 8 represent the financial soundness of companies.

1. An earnings-to-price yield at least twice the AAA bond rate

2. P/E ratio less than 40% of the highest P/E ratio the stock had over the past 5 years

3. Dividend yield of at least 2/3 the AAA bond yield

4. Stock price below 2/3 of tangible book value per share

5. Stock price below 2/3 of Net Current Asset Value (NCAV)

6. Total debt less than book value

7. Current ratio great than 2

8. Total debt less than 2 times Net Current Asset Value (NCAV)

9. Earnings growth of prior 10 years at least at a 7% annual compound rate

10. Stability of growth of earnings in that no more than 2 declines of 5% or more in year end earnings in the prior 10 years are permissible.

Not a single stock will be able to pass this filter today. When the screen reaches no. 3, only around 30 stocks make it. When you hit the fourth condition, the list becomes 0.

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