Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dividend All-Stars

I'm looking at (from an article in the paper).

One neat feature is that they tell you how many consecutive years the company has increased their dividends. For example, JNJ had increased their dividend for 45 years in a row. MMM for 49 years. PG for 54 years.

Maybe I'll actually sign up to see more.

* * *

According to this article there are high dividend achievers and high dividend aristocrats. The Achievers are those who have increased dividends 10 or more years. The aristocrats have increased 25 or more years. There are 312 achievers, but only 59 aristocrats.

Well, looking now, there are only 52 (five financial companies have cut their dividend). Among them are XOM, GE, LOW, PFE, TGT, WAG.

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