Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Ben Graham

[7/8/15] 15 Thoughts from Grandmaster Ben Graham

[8/17/06] Foolish Book Review: The Intelligent Investor

[8/11/06] Ben Graham's equation<!- via Rick Daley value_investment_thoughts-->

[11/12/05] brknews passes along this article by Sanjay Bakshi who writes about Graham's rule of minimum valuation.

[11/9/05] Shai has generously passed me more items on Ben Graham from his blog.

[11/7/05] Graham's simple rules

[10/18/05] Two lessons from Benjamin Graham

[8/6/05] Ben Graham is still pointing the way

[8/6/05] A test of Graham's stock selection criteria

[8/5/05] Graham's Net Current Asset Value Strategy (dryice's follow up)

[8/4/05] High Performance Graham Stocks (a Ben Graham screen)

[8/3/05] Graham favored two methods: buying stocks that were selling substantially below the value of their assets, and selecting companies that boasted consistent earnings and solid financial foundations.

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