Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tap Dancing To Work

is a new book written by Carol Loomis which is a collection of articles from Fortune Magazine about Warren Buffett.  Currently being hawked on charlie rose, morning joe, squawk box (excerpt), Today Show.

But why buy the book when you can read all the articles online?  Well, she also adds intros to the articles, but you can read those on amazon (actually not - apparently not everything is searchable on this book).  Or I can try buying the e-book for once.

So let me see if they actually are online.

The Jones Nobody Keeps Up With
Hard Times Come To Hedge Funds (excerpted in book)
How inflation swindles the equity investor
A small college scores big in the investment game (another article)

That's enough for now.  Not sure if I'll be able to find everything though.  Maybe I should just buy the e-book.  $14.99 on Amazon vs. $15.97 for the hardcover.

Here's some reviews.

Jeff Matthews
Joe Kusnan

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